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national endowments

May 28, 2008

reviewing application for NEA/NEH grant…. a loooong night ahead!

the search continues

May 27, 2008

Started application for PBS. Also prepped notes, background info, for an upcoming promotional interview on WNAV radio (Annapolis, MD) and (NYC). WNAV wants to interview me about the Emmy nom for my civil war doc, Now & Forever Yours. Melissa Ulto at will be chatting about my career in general.


spreading the word

May 24, 2008

Week of May 19

Massive mailing of press releases about the Emmy nom for Now & Forever Yours to media near and far.

Manny Azenberg

May 2, 2008

Recorded conversation with Manny Azenberg today at the Neil Simon Theater, NYC. Manny has been Neil Simon’s producer since 1972. His productions have earned over 140 Tony nominations. Amazing!

John Bintz)

Cinematographers Chris Cassidy (far left) and Chris Kenneally (far right) with Manny Azenberg and Steven Fischer. (photo: John Bintz)



On board as crew were two really superb cameramen, Chris Cassidy and Chris Kenneally. Kenneally, in fact, is one of the forces behind the documentary Crazy Legs Conti. John Bintz shot documentary footage of shoot and as always, proved an invaluable resource and good friend.

Manny Azenberg was a true delight, and extremely generous with his time. He spoke with such conviction, intelligence, and dry wit. His distinctive Bronx accent only added to the enjoyment of listening to what he had to say. I think his inclusion in the documentary will be a high point.

Many thanks to Wendy Revel for making the connection!