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the web it is

July 2, 2008

July 2

Tonight much progress drafting letters to the major academies, conservatories, and guilds in search of subjects for Old School. Ultimately would like to hit all of those around the world, but starting local first. Also realizing that perhaps the internet is the more fitting outlet for the series. Searching now for a standout web designer. This weekend in NYC to give promotional interview for


Visions of Light

July 1, 2008

Watched Visions of Light in prep for the interview with, but it’s also good research for Old School. Conrad Hall really stood out as an engaging subject. I really got excited about trying to track him down. Imagine my disappointment and feelings of stupidity when, in my search to find him, discovered he was dead.

Melanie Jones at Kodak has been so wonderful in her support and encouragement. She’s connected me to a CCS, a PR firm. My new friend there is Lisa, and she’s been terrific in helping secure on-camera subjects for Old School. Top Hollywood D.P’s. A big name attached certainly couldn’t hurt.