UMBC Maya Angelou

Lots of good news today. First had phone meeting with Greg Simmons at UMBC. He was enthusiastic towards Old School, New School primarily because UMBC has been of late  encouraging education in the arts, specifically instilling the idea that the artists now-a-days is also an entrepreneur, a concept which I whole heartedly agree.

So we talked about the project, what I need , how UMBC can help. They are anxious to contribute towards building the website – my immediate need — and hopefully facilitating introductions with key sponsors. Greg also asked if I’d like to return to the school and talk to classes about my career. “Absolutely,” I replied without hesitation.

Also heard from Lisa Muldowney at Creative Communications PR firm. She has secured another subject for me! Also heard from one of the directors at Wegewood Circle. They are interested in learning more about Old School and getting it through the application process (angel investments). Scheduled phone meeting for tomorrow with a colleague of the director.

Meanwhile heard from Maya Angelou. She rejected my offer to appear in the doc. Going after Bill Cosby next. Got his agents info.


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