Ross McElwee

Sent off letter to Ross McElwee per request of his colleague/assistant/relation whom I managed to track down. I first learned of McElwee’s work at film school. I’ve been hooked ever since. Such an inspiring catalogue of work. 

Also sent proposal off to Katie at Frederick Wiseman’s place. Another film school inspiration.  We’ll see if they want to be in my doc. Also, finally with John Bailey, the terrific cinematographer! He is looking at the proposal I sent him (emailed last night).

A 14-hour shoot on Wed. A good gig, good pay.  Each day and night this week, in fact, have been non stop. No time at all for work on Agnes. That angers me to no end, but lots of work done on Old School, New SChool. So many wonderufl opportunities to follow up on, especially with WEgewood. Been working on the proposal for them (angel investors). Now that UMBC’s on board I hope the proposal will have a bigger impact. 

Haven’t heard  from William Fraker in weeks and I need to schedule his shoot. (My whole LA trip is based on recording him for Old School, New SChool.)  On the schedule now is a follow up with Henry Winkler. I put in a request for several people I thought would be good for Old School.. Sir George Martin among them. WE;ll see. exhausted now. can;t keep awake.

Oh — this week  watched “Sunset Boulevard” and “On the Waterfront”. Always an inspiration! Wilder, Swanson and Brando, what talents!


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