Louis Malle, William Fraker, Los Angeles

A good day. Heard from William Fraker in Los Angeles. He’s happy to appear in Old School, New School! He said my work is “terrific”. Such praise indeed coming from a 6-time Oscar nominee.So now I can narrow my trip to Nov 5 -10. CAlled John Bailey, trying to schedule him for an on-camera conversation as well, plus a WHOLE LOT of meetings with potential supporters. 

Got some more footage of the editors a online.tv that I thought they could use. (a list of early stuff: old interviews, early acting jobs, early directing jobs) 

Much to do to prepare for Los Angeles. Very exciting that the conversaiton with Fraker is happening! Talked also to Ben Jones’ wife. Getting hold of him is near impossible! I’m told he’s still interested in being in Old School, New School. Meanwhile, a proposal for angel investors is with Greg Simmons at UMBC to review. He’s nice enough to look it over and offer suggestions.

These just in: “Vive Le Tour”,  “Humain, Trop Humain”, “Place de la Republique”  — documentaries by Louis Malle. Can’t wait to dive into them!


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