William Fraker again, Crazy Cooter Ben Jones, John Bailey

Talked with Ben Jones today. First time in a long time. He’s over a break from promoting his book “Redneck Boy in the Promise Land, Confessions of Crazy Cooter”. He invited me up to his place Sunday (I need to return his DVD – “The Power of Myth”, Bill Moyer’s interview with Joseph Campbell was such a huge influence on Old SChool, New School. Such an inspiration. 

Got an email from DP John Bailey. He invited me to join him in NYC early next month to continue talking about his participation in Old School, New SChool.

Also about 80 pages into Mike Zampi’s manuscript. (He’s asked me to write the forward. An honor!) It’s a self help book on being positive and using that power to move forward in life, and accomplish your dreams. Read the first 58 pages yesterday. I was flying through it. 

Producing effects heavy educational video at ADG Creative (casting 9 parts), not a lot by most standards, but big enough given the small crew. While doing this I’m also prepping a training video with 12 roles to cast for a tech company.

Watching a bunch of William Fraker’s movies these days. Conversations with these people are not about their careers, and they’re not interviews at all, but I figure it would be good to fine tune my knowledge of their work just the same. Booked my flight to Los Angeles today. But am talking a break to rewatch Louis Malle’s Place de la Republique! Amazing!


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