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A New Cut

January 13, 2009

Very exciting! I now have a 25-mintue cut of Old School, New School … things are really shaping up and a cohesive structure (which has eluded me for so many frustrating months) is now on the fcp timeline.

Screened Alejandro Monteverde’s Bella. Those stories in which an ordinary day turns into something adventurous and life-changing always affect me. (Sounds naive, maybe.) I don’t think I realized it was based on a true story when I first saw it.  It makes one think about what it really means to take chances and go after things in life. The hardships one must endure in pursuit of a goal can seem so overwhelming and scary. The rewards though seem so sweet and meaningful.


Italy, USA, France

January 9, 2009

Finally finsihed last of three huge proposals for Old School, New School.  Been working on these for over  a month, cleaning up the old proposal to more accurately reflect how the project has developed/. Sh.. .sorry… exhausted. Can’t spell.and can’t stop writing… so here we go. Please excurse .. excuse the tyopos.

Propsal three is off to SAn Francisco; two off to Italy; one off to France. Now can focus ful lattention full attention back on editing the movie. As a result of my efforts last month in California, there are three potential work-in-progress screenings in Los Angeles this spring/summer for me. I need to be ready.

of to bed,   off to bed.