A Kodak Moment

Lunch with my friend Melanie Jones, a rep for Kodak NYC and responsible for the introduction to CCS PR and, in turn, William Fraker and John Bailey! It was an unseasonably warm, spring-like day in Galesville, Maryland, a little water town along West River with narrow streets lined with white picket fences and old oak trees.

Along the main street there is an old general’s store, weather worn and decorated with nostalgic confectionary ads. As old-time soft drink refrigerator stands on the front porch along with a swing for two. There’s an old time gas pump on the dirt-spread parking area. I wonder if it’s dry?

Such small towns hold for me a sense of peace and ease, though life for a working waterman is anything but easy. Admiring the clapboard buildings, the cape cods, and the Victorian homes with turrets and wrap around porches, I can’t help but think of this as the perfect setting for childhood’s lazy summer days. 

Melanie and I dine at a window table in Pirate’s Cove, such an alluring name that sparks the imagination! Maybe it’s sentimentalized, but the combination of pirates and a 19th century hamlet on the banks of a river surrounded by secluded coves and lus hwoodland evokes a lot of fanciful adventure.

Melanie crunches on salad as I peck away at large flakes of flounder. Her family requires a lot of her attention now and Melanie is having to travel back and forth between New York and Maryland every weekend. Finally, after months of trying to coordinate one another’s schedules, we are able to meet for a meal.

We talk about the state of the industry, the latest Vision stock from Kodak, a screening Melanie’s coordinating, various life experiences, and Old School,  New School.  Not only has Melanie been a huge help in finding me top name on-camera subjects, she has proven a generous resource for my proposals.  She is a blessing and a good friend.


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