TED Conference

Research for Old School, New School includes potential on-camera subjects, market, material, and support. A visit to one site today touched on everyone of them!

My friend and gifted musician Paul Harrison sent a link to TED.com. The TED Conference is an annual event that celebrates the thing OSNS stands for: using the power of speech to provoke positive change. I searched around the site and as I watched some of the video recordings of the speakers, became real excited! Many of them passionately touched on the themes of my movie: finding your own voice, taking risks, and defining success.

So, sensing a match between us, I called the TED office, introduced myself and had a spontaneous conversation with a youthful yet professional-sounding lady. She seemed intrigued by my documentary and, although not entirely sure how TED could help, offered to forward any introductory emails to potential subjects seen on the TED site.

I selected a few and immediately sent them to the lady with an extra email thanking her for her generosity. Time will tell if this crazy whim pays off…


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