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OSNS on Film Cast Live

June 29, 2009

Film Cast Live posted a review of the OSNS screening in Hollywood, June 20th. The writer’s name is George Leon and he had some great words to share!

Click here to check it out!

Thanks for the kudos, George!

OSNS panel discussion, Los Angeles, CA, June 2009

OSNS panel discussion, Los Angeles, CA, June 2009 (L-R) Brett Paesel, Mark Goffman, Steven Fischer, Steve Melendez, Mike Polcino


Discovery Channel and Old School, New School Producer

June 12, 2009

Received a sweet invite from the folks at CINE in Washington, DC. They’ve asked me to appear on a panel at Discovery Channel on July 15th. What an honor!

When I saw the list of who was going to be on the panel I nearly fell out of my chair. Check it out: Donald Thoms, CINE president and former VP of Talent Development for Discovery Studios; Rita Mullin VP of Production and Development at TLC; Rick Allen, CEO of SnagFilms. I’m excited just to hear these members talk! Should be a great night. If you’re in DC Wednesday, July 15 at 6.30pm stop on by! Topic of discussion is “What Makes a Winning Film”. Check CINE for specifics.

Thanks for the invite, Wendy! See you on the 15th.

Steven Fischer on Real Talk Radio

June 10, 2009

So I’m driving along the highway yesterday afternoon preparing for Los Angeles, making my calls to “the coast” (or as Michael Dorsey would argue to his agent, “This is a coast too, George. New York is a coast.”), when I place a call to media mogulette Gigi Iam. Gigi is the producer and host of The Gigi Iam Show for Time Warner cable. I’ve appeared on her show about two or three times promoting various projects. She has always been a wonderful supporter.

She has a radio version of the show, and as we talked on the phone Gigi mentioned that I should come on sometime and chat about Old School, New School. Great! Then she said, “How about tonight?”

Well, what started out as, “just call in and we’ll just chat for a couple minutes” ended up going half an hour! Take a Listen.

Thanks, Gigi!

P.S.: The beautiful music that opens is a piece from Michael Zampi from his album The Appalachian Trail Reflections of Beauty.