How to Lead a Creative Life

Here’s a great article in Fast Company magazine on Martin Scorsese and how to lead a creative life. Read it here.

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2 Responses to “How to Lead a Creative Life”

  1. Kristin Reiber Harris Says:

    What it means to be an artist:

    This is a link to a letter that Xu Bing (Chinese artist who have lived in the US for many years and received a MacArthur grant) wrote to a recent MFA graduate about the trials and tribulations of a creative life. Geared specifically to fine artists, but relevant to all creative endeavors.
    Kristin Harris

  2. oldschooldoc Says:

    Thanks for sharing this letter, Kristin. Wonderful words of wisdom!

    She suggests that one condition of success is a person’s ability to face their future with courage. Poignant and right on. And, of course, her line, “Your problems are the source of your artistic creations” resonates for every generation of artist.

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