A 2D Guide to 3D Characters is back at The Second City!

Join us at The Second City, Chicago, and bring your story ideas to life in cartoons. Explore creative self-development, character development, narrative structure and more! In-class writing and drawing exercises help you discover new possibilities in developing and expressing your ideas and point of view. These exercises help you generate the ideas for your own original, personal story. No experience necessary. If you can make a stick figure, you can get started!
Saturday, September 17, 2016, 10am  — Sign up here!
About the instructor: Steven Fischer is a two-time Emmy® nominated writer/producerof fiction, non-fiction, and animated stories. His credits include the films Freedom Dance (2007) featuring Golden Globe winner Mariska Hargitay and Old School New School (2010) with Emmy-winning actor Brian Cox. Fischer is a Fulbright recipient and speaks internationally on storytelling. Check out his cartoon story book: The Wonderful, Happy, Cartoony World of Steve & Bluey, about life in the world of a professional cartoon character.
Steven Fischer_second city workshop_chicago_april 20_2016_photos by alicia haywood_3

Steven Fischer presents A 2D Guide to 3D Characters at The Second City. Photo by Alicia Haywood.


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