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Creative Writing and Journal Writing at Northwestern University

June 16, 2020

Many thanks to Debra Ann Blade and Sylvia Tan for your continued interest in my Creative Writing workshops!

Northwestern University’s Norris Center is offering free sessions in Creative Writing and Journal Writing (among many other courses) to provide some much needed relief for people needing artful, healthy outlets during these stressful times.


Steve & Bluey Tell it Like it is in the World of Cartoons

June 9, 2020

From the Daily Record, August 21, 2002 and the first release of The Wonderful, Happy, Cartoony World of Steve & Bluey.

Steve & Bluey tell it like it is in the world of cartoons

George Berlin: Dream Play Create

June 4, 2020

Blue Dog Productions, Inc. and Steven Fischer announce George Berlin: Dream Play Create, a re-packaging of the EarthRise Apollo animated series by animator George Berlin.



Produced in the style of a CBS Sunday Morning segment, this short documentary spotlights animator George Berlin and his cosmic animated films EarthRise Apollo: Moonbeams, EarthRise Apollo: Lunar Toons, and EarthRise Apollo: Dreaming of the Infinite. Each animated short celebrates the child within, encouraging all of us to keep alive inside a love of imagination and exploration no matter how old we grow.

Stills from the animated films:

Big Wheel space adventure from EarthRise Apollo: Lunar Toons (2019) George Berlin Studios.


Still from George Berlin’s EarthRise Apollo: Moonbeams as it appeared screening in Bucharest at the iMapp Bucharest projection mapping festival.