George Berlin: Dream Play Create

Blue Dog Productions, Inc. and Steven Fischer announce George Berlin: Dream Play Create, a re-packaging of the EarthRise Apollo animated series by animator George Berlin.



Produced in the style of a CBS Sunday Morning segment, this short documentary spotlights animator George Berlin and his cosmic animated films EarthRise Apollo: Moonbeams, EarthRise Apollo: Lunar Toons, and EarthRise Apollo: Dreaming of the Infinite. Each animated short celebrates the child within, encouraging all of us to keep alive inside a love of imagination and exploration no matter how old we grow.

Stills from the animated films:

Big Wheel space adventure from EarthRise Apollo: Lunar Toons (2019) George Berlin Studios.


Still from George Berlin’s EarthRise Apollo: Moonbeams as it appeared screening in Bucharest at the iMapp Bucharest projection mapping festival.


4 Responses to “George Berlin: Dream Play Create”

  1. learn2healu Says:

    SF, such fun!  thanks for sharing, Steven.  hope you are well in these pandemic times as your health is most important, of course. kindest,’DonnaPia’ Vocci

    • oldschooldoc Says:

      Thanks so much, Donna! Glad you enjoyed. All is well, and I hope you are keeping healthy, too! :0)

  2. Ernie Berger Says:

    Wow! I totally enjoyed the video you made. Congratulations to you and to George Berlin. Thank you for sharing it.

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