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Arts Advocacy Day

March 24, 2015

Today, Americans for the Arts and the Arts Action Fund celebrate National Arts Advocacy Day! Celebrate by clicking here to tell Congress that you support the arts.

And watch these fine artists in Old School New School talking about success in the arts and creativity! You’ll be supporting the arts and stimulating the brain all at once.


Thank you!


Steven Fischer at the Debreceni Egyetemi Színházi Theatre Festival

November 2, 2014

From the Debreceni Egyetemi Színházi Theatre Festival website:

Steven Fischer, writer-director-Fulbright Lecturer, spoke on Friday (October 17, 2014) about character development and directing. Click here to read!

Written by Marton Sándor; fotó by Lukovszki Judit.

steven-fischer-debrecen-egyetemi-szinhaz_photo by-Lukovszki-Judit-october-17-2014

theater festival

Brian Cox Conversation in Old School New School

July 19, 2010

Click Here to watch a clip from the Brian Cox conversation that appears in Old School New School, Steven Fischer’s study on creativity.

In this clip, Steven and Brian talk about provoking serendipity and creating your own luck.

BBC on Creative Genius

April 14, 2009

Kirstie Simson, celebrated British dance artist and subject of Old School, New School, introduced me to a very interesting study on Creative Genius BBC Radio produced in four parts.

It’s fascinating! Listen here.

Thanks, Kirstie!