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Helpful Hints: Final Cut Pro: Plays fine in sequence, but out of sync on export

September 4, 2016

I recently came across a frustrating issue while editing. The sequence played fine on the time line, but when I opened the exported video in Quicktime, the video and audio were all mixed up. I found this solution at Michael  Wyszomierski’s blog:


If your Final Cut Pro sequence plays fine from the project file, but the audio and video get out of sync or there is a rendering glitch when you export a QuickTime movie, try selecting “Recompress all frames” when you export [File, Export, Quicktime Movie — ‘Recompress all frames’ is an option towards the bottom of the window]. You can also play around with clearing render files, etc., but this one box seems to do the trick.
Thanks, Michael!


Louis Mills, a creative master of sound

January 14, 2012

Baltimore’s Godfather of Sound, and dear friend, Louis Mills passed away Friday, January 13, 2012. Please read this touching tribute in the Baltimore Sun to a truly brilliant man.

“More Parks sausages, Mom. Please!”