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Hucksters and Conformists

August 28, 2009

Double bill tonight, The Hucksters (1947) with Clark Gable and The Conformist (1970) by Bertolucci.

The Conformist I needed to see because Vittorio Storaro rocks and the photography of this movie still takes my breath away! It always inspires. The time screening it though I developed more appreciation for the set designs. Pretty outstanding.

My friend Richard Kline sent me a DVD burn of Hucksters. He’s a retired cinematographer who’s turned to writing scripts. We talk often about cinematography, acting, and the craft of storytelling. For him, The Hucksters features quintessential acting. He challenged me to see if I could imagine any of todays leading actors pulling off what Gable, Kerr and Greenstreet did. I developed a new found respect for Clark Gable. There are some nice subtleties. Ava Gardner’s in it too, I think. Cute as ever. I didn’t care about the advertising game, but the love story between Gable and Kerr was great! Very touching.