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Victors Not Victims – Empowering kids and keeping them safe

January 22, 2015

Please help us empower young people with this educational program that helps them recognize predators and dangerous situations that lead to sex abuse. Click here for the Indie Gogo campaign page.

Thank you!

Old School New School’s 2012 touring schedule

January 11, 2012

Please check back periodically for updates to the Old School New School tour and Steven Fischer’s discussions on how we can tap into our full creative potential.

January 8, Sun., 1pm, Hip Circle Studio, Evanston, IL (play video)
January 24, Tues., 4pm, Northeastern Illinois University
January 27, Fri., 4pm, Cultural Impact Conference 2012
February 8, Wed., Avila University, Kansas City, MO
February 13, Mon., Greenhouse Theater Center, Lincoln Park
(presented by TheatrePros)
March 8, Thurs., Harrington College of Design, Chicago
(presented by Chicago Creative Coalition)
April 5, Thurs., 6.30pm, Chicago Cultural Center
April 6, Fri., 12pm, National Louis University
April 28, Sat., 1pm Acorn Theater, Three Oaks, MI

Please let us know if you would like to host an event or can recommend a venue!


How to Foster Creativity in Children

January 11, 2012

In support of Old School New School, I recently gave a talk at Hip Circle Studio in Evanston, Illinois about the creative development of children. Here’s a video clip from the event. Thanks, Malik!

Brian Cox Conversation in Old School New School

July 19, 2010

Click Here to watch a clip from the Brian Cox conversation that appears in Old School New School, Steven Fischer’s study on creativity.

In this clip, Steven and Brian talk about provoking serendipity and creating your own luck.