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August 4, 2008

aug 4 

Prepping for INt’l Storytelling Festival in Jonesborough, Tenn.  It’s in Ocotber. Looking at the scheduled storytellers , there were two who instantly struck my interest and upon further investigation found one to be connected to a large int’l storytelling center in the UK. That led to some exciting discoveries which I’ll follow up on in the days to come.

Yesterday chatted with my cousin Anne-Marie who is a VP at one of the banks here in Baltimore.. Seeing what the options are for sponsorship there. Zoltan Feher at the Embassy of Hungary is checking with some contacts of his. The goal is to get sponsorship for this next trip to Los Angeles.


need to call CCS (the PR firm introducing me to some top cinematographers as on-camera subjects) back to  arrange meeting. hoping to get estimate for cost of service.


Watched “Les Destinee” and “Saints & Soldiers”.


Exhausted now. veyr late. going to bed. yawn.