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EarthRise Apollo: Moonbeams Projects in Bucharest

September 28, 2019

Our animated projection mapping epic EarthRise Apollo: Moonbeams released on September 21, 2019 in Bucharest, Romania! Watch it here:

EarthRise Apollo: Moonbeams by George Berlin Studios, screening at The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania on Saturday Sept 21, 2019.

Moonbeams was one of only 8 invitations to the prestigious iMapp Festival, one of the world’s largest international 3D projection mapping shows. The creation of the animation required demanding technical precision as sixty-four 30K lumen projectors projected the movie as one image on the façade of The Palace of the Parliament building in Bucharest, an irregular screening space of 23,000 sqm (the second largest administrative building in the world), to an audience of 60,000 spectators.

EarthRise Apollo: Moonbeams production team:


George Berlin



Steven Fischer


Animators and Illustrators

Nick Janecki

Ryan Jolly

Rick Lapidus

Chris Morris

Marc Walls

Lindsay Zimmerman

Vanja Spremo Zogovic

Mike Jagodzinski

Alec Rudek



Donny Walker


Sound Design

Zach Jarrett

Kelly Askam

Mind Exchange Music



George Berlin

Donny Walker

Kelly Askam

Zach Jarrett

Jason Jade Lyons

Neil Alan Sacheck

Lucia Thomas

Cory Tiffin

Josh Williamson

The gods scene from EarthRise Apollo: Moonbeams. Art by Lindsay Zimmerman and Alec Rudek; animation by George Berlin, Lindsay, and Vanja Spremo Zogovic. Copyright 2019 George Berlin Studios


Apollo landing scene from EarthRise Apollo: Moonbeams Apollo. Art and animation by George Berlin. Copyright 2019 George Berlin Studios.