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Brian Cox and McCoy Tyner Shoots

June 12, 2010

In the past few days here in NYC, we’ve recorded Brian Cox, McCoy Tyner and Francisco Mela for Old School New School, our inspirational study on creativity and how young people can reach their full creative potential.

Brian proved a true delight, a gracious host, and was so animated and electric when he spoke I’ve no doubt his appearance in the movie will be a highlight.

With McCoy I’ve never laughed so much during a recorded conversation. He displays such a lively spirit, even though in his 70s, the child within him is still alive and vibrant. He’s such a playful, fun-loving soul.

Francisco was generous with his thoughts and equally as lively as McCoy. It’s going to be fun to edit these conversations.

A journalist joined us on the shoots as he is filing a feature story for City Paper and Urbanite. He observed the shoots, made a lot of notes, and at the end of the day we spent an hour in a nearby cafe interviewing about the movie over coffee. More details to come.

Many thanks to DP Chris Cassidy and videographer Fred Weil for capturing these three remarkable storytellers, and for giving as much as they did to make the shoot a terrific experience.

L-R: Fred Weil, Steven Fischer, Brian Cox, Chris Cassidy shooting Old School New School, New York City, June 2010.


Loring Cornish and Brian Cox to Appear in Old School New School

May 27, 2010

Two exciting up-coming shoots for Old School New School, our educational study on creativity.

Visionary artist Loring Cornish is an energetic and exciting communicator whose art is highly stylized and personalized. He works primarily with glass and has covered a variety of surfaces, including two houses top to bottom!

Brian Cox is an actor’s actor, through and through. He is known for his work with the Royal Shakespeare Company and his portrayal of King Lear, but you may have also seen him on the silver screen in Troy, The Bourne Supremacy, Braveheart, Rob Roy, Deadwood, the list goes on and on…

More details to come, and more news to share…

A 44 inch x 36 inch mosaic by Loring Cornish.

A 44 inch x 36 inch mosaic by Loring Cornish.

Brian Cox in Running with Scissors (2006).

Brian Cox in Running with Scissors (2006).