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OSNS on Film Cast Live

June 29, 2009

Film Cast Live posted a review of the OSNS screening in Hollywood, June 20th. The writer’s name is George Leon and he had some great words to share!

Click here to check it out!

Thanks for the kudos, George!

OSNS panel discussion, Los Angeles, CA, June 2009

OSNS panel discussion, Los Angeles, CA, June 2009 (L-R) Brett Paesel, Mark Goffman, Steven Fischer, Steve Melendez, Mike Polcino


John Bailey Shoot

November 13, 2008

Recorded the conversation with Director of Photography John Bailey today. Went VERY well. We shot in Mr. Bailey’s beautiful home here in Los Angeles. I arrived with Scott Uhlfelder, the DP of the shoot, early and as we awaited the rest of the crew, Mr. bailey made us cappuccinos. I am amazed at how well read Mr. Bailey is, his interests extending from painting to literature to music to cinema… a wide range, and so informed and thoughtful in his expression.

For those unfamiliar with John Bailey’s cinematography, check out these fine feature films:  The Producers (2005), For Love of the Game (1999), Ground Hog Day (1993), The Accidental Tourist (1988), Brighton Beach Memoirs (1986), Silverado (1985), American Gigolo (1980). The man is a true talent!

Was it yesterday Mr. Bailey and I met for breakfast? Geez… can’t remember .. anyway, it was our first face-to-face meeting (all the others were over the phone and email). Our breakfast chat about art, movies, and being an artist in the 21st century flowed so easy. (Really, all our chats have, but this being the first we could spent in any sort of quality time only served to reassure me that today would be great.) And it was. We captured a lot of great moments. Mr. Bailey was generous with his time and insights.

And many, many thanks to my beautiful friends Melanie Jones at Kodak and Lisa Muldowney at CCS for making this all a reality!


John Bailey and Steven Fischer.

John Bailey and Steven Fischer.

Manny Azenberg

May 2, 2008

Recorded conversation with Manny Azenberg today at the Neil Simon Theater, NYC. Manny has been Neil Simon’s producer since 1972. His productions have earned over 140 Tony nominations. Amazing!

John Bintz)

Cinematographers Chris Cassidy (far left) and Chris Kenneally (far right) with Manny Azenberg and Steven Fischer. (photo: John Bintz)



On board as crew were two really superb cameramen, Chris Cassidy and Chris Kenneally. Kenneally, in fact, is one of the forces behind the documentary Crazy Legs Conti. John Bintz shot documentary footage of shoot and as always, proved an invaluable resource and good friend.

Manny Azenberg was a true delight, and extremely generous with his time. He spoke with such conviction, intelligence, and dry wit. His distinctive Bronx accent only added to the enjoyment of listening to what he had to say. I think his inclusion in the documentary will be a high point.

Many thanks to Wendy Revel for making the connection!