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Journal Writing at The Art Center Highland Park

February 11, 2022

Look at the creative ways we might use words, images and sound to release and heal, and to document the story of our life. This exercise in journal writing conditions participants to use observation and creative writing to document the times in which we live and how we interpret. We will look at how storytellers around the world are using video and print journals to document life in the pandemic while introduced to excerpts from famous (and not-so-famous) diaries throughout history. Participants will learn to appreciate the inner journey journal writing offers as a source of mental health and personal expression. 

Click here for details and to sign up!


Cartoons on Viking Sea!

December 20, 2021

Thank you, Viking, for the sweet invitation to join #VikingSea from Barcelona to San Juan and speak about creativity and cartoons — how we bring characters to life, how the arts help us heal from trauma, the ways we nurture our creativity and the history of cartoon art. (With special thanks to the team at Compass Speakers and Entertainment for making it happen!) Thank you to all who attended my talks — and for sharing your experiences in creative writing and drawing! Sharing the adventure with you brought real joy. Thanks for a safe and memorable voyage!

Steven Fischer shares stories from the life of a cartoonist aboard Viking Sea, December 2021.

The Sweet Sound of Max Linder

October 27, 2021

Recording music for our movie on the life of French silent film star Max Linder. (Score by Academy Award-nominated composer Reinhardt Wagner!) Check out the video above (recorded by Frantz Vaillant — Thanks, Frantz!)

Thank you, Reinhardt Wagner for your powerful score, to the Gdansk / Symphony Orchestra, and to Michal Krezlewski, orchestra conductor. Beautiful work!

michael krezlewski_gdansk symphony orchestra_photo by frantz vaillant_max linder movie directed by edward porembny and aia asé

Baltimore Homecoming 2022

October 27, 2021

Thank you, Robbin Lee and all at Baltimore Homecoming, for the sweet-smelling invitation to Amplify 2022. Your efforts to bring together likeminded souls to help strengthen Baltimore is a beautiful gift. Keep up the great work!

For those who don’t know, Baltimore Homecoming brings Baltimore City’s visionaries, entrepreneurs, activists, artists, doers and leaders together with notable Baltimore alumni to celebrate the city that made us while manifesting a new vision for the future.

Tokyo Cartoon!

May 31, 2021

We recently completed Tokyo Cartoon, the new book from a cartoon initiative led by writer/cartoonist Steven Fischer. Tokyo Cartoon is a collection of cartoons from 8 gifted artists in Japan. We spent 13 intense weeks together creating stories driven by personal experiences, using cartoons to find meaning and clarity. The experience can be quite emotional, but always uplifting.

Many thanks to our host Takeshi Okada for being so generous and accommodating! And a special shout out to Shijun Wang for designing the cover.

If you know of an organization that might host the next book production and have some cartoon fun, please send a message from

Tokyo Cartoon, features the work of 8 artists throughout Asia and is edited by Steven Fischer. May 2021.


March 4, 2021
Paisley Yardelnarf from Yardelnarf! by George Berlin and Steven Fischer.

Read about Paisley Yardelnarf and all her friends at ACEsCONNECTION.COM . Many thanks to Jane Stevens and ACEsCONNECTION for your support and interest, and thanks for all you are doing to bring awareness to Adverse Childhood Experience, trauma-informed care, and healing.

ACE Parenting Theater Course

February 26, 2021

Our friend and colleague, Dr. Brian Alman, recently posted this article on announcing the development of a theatrical experience that will combine psychology, trauma-informed learning, cinema, and improvisation to create an immersive, interactive learning experiencing in efforts to help parents (and those planning to become parents) address conflict in a more healthy way.

The article can also be read at:

(Note: This program is currently in development and we are actively seeking sponsors, support, and participants. If you are interested, please contact us through my website:

As they say, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” After all, how could one be expected to adopt a better way of parenting if they’ve never seen or experienced it themselves?

This is all about to change.

ACEs Parenting Theater Course

Dr. Vincent Felitti, the Co-Principal Investigator of the ACE Study, and Dr. Brian Alman, one of the leading mind-body stress experts in the world, have partnered with Steven Fischer, a two-time Emmy-nominated filmmaker, to develop a course to actually show—not simply tell—the differences between ACE-causing and ACE-preventing parenting styles. That way, parents can learn, engage, and practice in a highly-effective ACE parenting course that is taught in a group setting with theater, role-playing, and improvisational interactions.

For example, parents will learn what healthy and unhealthy interactions look like within the family dynamic:


  • When a child tells of a traumatic experience and a parent responds with, “Don’t worry about it,” the child hears a denial of reality and sometimes feels the event must be their fault.
  • When a child describes a traumatic experience and a parent responds with, “It’ll be fine,” the child feels a lack of understanding and support.
  • Judgment
  • Criticism
  • Passive listening
  • Ignoring
  • Interactions that are tense, stressed, and reactive
  • ACEs


  • When a child tells of a traumatic experience and a parent responds with, “Can you tell me more?”
  • When a child describes a traumatic experience and a parent responds with, “How do you feel?” or “What do you think about __?”
  • Comforting and helpful perspectives
  • Acceptance
  • Active listening
  • Interactions that are open, positive, stress-free, and relaxed
  • Positive childhood experiences

This course is essentially designed to break the cycle of generational trauma and give parents the most in-depth and actionable parenting content available today.

About the Course

The course will include six original movies that will be 60 minutes each.The movies that dramatize healthy and unhealthy parenting and change the way parents view parenting. The movies are to be used as prompts for group discussion on how parents might deal with conflict in ways that will ultimately be healthy for their children’s emotional, mental, and physical development.

Kids Love The Scrub Club

November 18, 2020
“Mask Emergency” directed by George Berlin and produced by Steven Fischer.
“Tis the Season” directed by George Berlin and produced by Steven Fischer.
The Scrub Club animated shorts, directed by George Berlin and produced by Steven Fischer.

The Scrub Club is helping kids stay safe and healthy all year round. These animated shorts are produced by George Berlin Studios for NSF International.

The Cast:

Kara Edwards as Carry

Dan Friedman as Maskwell

Kyle Holman as Slick

The Production Team:

Producer: Steven Fischer

Director: George Berlin

Writer: David Spethmann

Illustrators: Alec Rudek, Kimberly Darovec

Animators: Lindsay Zimmerman, Ryan Jolly, George Berlin

The Scrub Club

November 16, 2020

The Scrub Club is produced by George Berlin and Steven Fischer.

Baltimore Homecoming 2019!

May 20, 2019

A very special thank you to Robbin Lee and Baltimore Homecoming for the creative invitation to attend Baltimore Homecoming 2019! The View Master, featuring photos from last year’s inaugural homecoming, is a fun way to celebrate your celebration of the city. It is a real honor to be included. Thank you!